Pastor says Shen Yun is ‘Aiming to restore that compassion and love in our hearts’


Audience members watching Shen Yun in Modesto, California, and Boise, Idaho, describe the performances as something out of this world.

“It was fantastic. I loved the costumes and just the vibrance, and the story. I think it’s really cool to see the story. I appreciated that it was in Chinese as well, as the narrators were going to the show,” said Lezly Juergenson, a career coach at University of California, Merced.

Each of Shen Yun’s seven companies consist of over 80 performers that tour the world simultaneously.

“The music! The dancing! The skill of the people in the program is awe-inspiring. It’s amazing. It is beautiful,” said Lydia Richards, owner of Richards Real Estate.

With a mission to showcase 5,000 years of traditional Chinese culture on stage, Shen Yun brings the essence of true Chinese culture to audience members everywhere.

“You can learn a lot from history and the messages from the people—especially the ones that have gone through trouble and have survived. It’s a strength that you can share,” said Richards.

“Aiming to restore that compassion and love in our hearts, so it’s something that I think is great to spread and this is a very unique way to spread that kind of message in the world,” said Sandi Colón, a pastor at Sunnyvale Adventist Church.

“The hope part of it, and that there’s hope for our future. I hope it [Shen Yun & hope] would bring together a lot of cultures,” said Juergenson.

Ancient culture is divinely inspired, and the performers convey it in dance and song.

“We’re meant to reflect his love and compassion in the world. And I believe that He will come again and restore that harmony, love and balance some day,” said Colón.

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