‘It Just Left Me With a Feeling of Peace’: Musings on Life and the Afterlife After Reading ‘How Humankind Came To Be’

Doris Williams is an 89-year-old widow who believes in God and resurrection. She shared her response upon reading the article “How Humankind Came To Be,” written by Mr. Li Hongzhi, and published on NTD and it’s sister media, The Epoch Times.

“I was just very impressed with the positive tone, spiritual tone of the article; that we are all accountable to God,” Williams said. “And that feeling of kindness that permeated that article, and treating your fellow man in a wonderful way and getting along with people—it just left me with a feeling of peace. It corresponded a lot to my own religion.”

“I believe that these are the last days of the Earth’s existence. And I believe that the influence of Satan, the evil one, is being unleashed. And wickedness is certainly—and dishonesty and abuse and all of those horrible sins are in our face. And so much even comes out of Washington.”

“But I believe that when we die, that we go back to the Lord who is the father of our spirit, and that we will all be resurrected,” Williams said.

“I know that the Lord speaks to different people in different ways. … But one day, we will all be in the same place with a common understanding and be living with those we love and who think and who act like we do. We’ll be where we’re comfortable. And I know that we are given every chance, every chance to change our lives, to repent and to do better,” she added.

“I know that our savior is quick to forgive, really quick to forgive, every time we ask, and to help us to become more like Him. That is what his work, his glory, is: to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.”