’It Just Put Your Soul in a Kind of a Peaceful Mode’ Says Company President


Gerald Burke, president of Summit Construction, attended an evening performance at Marion Oliver McCaw Hall on April 4.

“You come and you engage with the presentation and it just puts your soul in a kind of a peaceful mode. Everybody is smiling when they’re performing, so they feel like… it puts off the aura that they’re having a good time. And so that really makes you want to be a part of what they’re doing and of that culture at that time.”

“It just made everybody feel like they were on the same team, right? And that the people in that era were having fun,” said Burke. “And they had a great leader at the time, but they were … they came together in several occasions to just bring out the best in each other.

“I think the movement is very exhilarating, the flips, and you know the dancers actually spend some of their time up in the air. But it’s also very peaceful because the movement is very fluid,” said Daniela Ferdico, co-founder of Sensory Access.

“The movements are so precise, and there is so much going on in every individual performance. Yet, it’s all happening, in synchronicity and this way it’s sort of magnificent,” said Jason Farris, creative director of Frankly Cinematics.

“Just watching the performances gives you sort of this immediate sense of respect for what you’re seeing and what must be behind it,” said Farris.

Shen Yun’s mission is to revive China’s divinely inspired culture, something that isn’t often seen in other art forms today.

“It was both surprising and kind of refreshing to see it presented here in the way that it was, as something that’s just normal, and it’s part of the culture. I thought that was wonderful to see,” said Ron Goins, chief operating officer of SpectrumProfile. “In a lot of parts of society, they’ve suppressed that. And I think it leaves a hole in the society.”

“Some of the things that happened in China and some of things we take for granted here in the West,” said Ferdico. “Everyone has freedom of speech and everyone can present their art form in whatever way they want and that in China it’s not that way and not everybody has the opportunity to be an artist the way that they want or to see the art the way they want. I think sometimes we forget that at other places.”

“Worldwide, as we realize that we have more in common, than we have that divides us, I think that’s a really good thing,” said Burke. “And I think spirituality is something that can certainly bring us together and give us an opportunity to learn from each other and take the best of what each culture provides and incorporate it in our lives, and I think that makes us better people.”

NTD News, Seattle, Washington