It’s Time for Trump to Sign Hong Kong Rights Bill: Pro-Democracy Activist Joshua Wong

By NTD Newsroom

Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong said on Nov. 25 that Hong Kong’s peaceful and orderly turnout for last weekend’s local elections shows that the city’s people “deserve democracy.”

Wong was seen greeting and thanking commuters for their support for his “plan b” candidate Kelvin Lam, who won the South Horizons West seat in Sunday’s district council elections.

Wong was the only person barred from running in the election.

“We are not only satisfying (sic) on electing the district council. We need to have direct election to elect our government, and the chief executive of Hong Kong should be voted by us,” Wong said.

Many residents shook hands or greeted Lam and Wong with smiles, as pro-democracy activists across the city celebrate a landslide victory after a record turnout.

Wong said the vote is also a message to President Donald Trump, to support Hong Kong’s call for freedom.

“And now it is the time for the U.S. president to sign on the bill of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. We already showed our belief,” he said.

The House voted 417-1 in favor of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, and the Senate passed it unanimously last week.

Trump has not publicly signaled if he will sign the legislation, but said he had told the Chinese Communist Party’s leader Xi Jinping that crushing the Hong Kong protests would be making “a big mistake” and it would have a “tremendous negative impact” on a U.S.-China trade deal.

U.S. trade adviser Peter Navarro said Sunday that White House lawyers are reviewing the Hong Kong bill.