Kendrick Norton Speaks Out After Getting Arm Amputated Following Car Crash

By Zachary Stieber

NFL player Kendrick Norton said he’s grateful to be alive after a car crash led to his arm being amputated.

“I’m alive,” Norton said from his hospital bed. “If nothing else, I’m alive.”

Norton spoke to CBS Miami.

“I am ok. I am as comfortable as I can be with the situation. I am doing fine and the best I can,” he added from the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he’s been recovering since his left arm was taken off around his elbow. “If you have something in the glass, you are ok. A lot of people have glasses with not much in them or glasses that are empty. So if your glass is half full, you are ok.”

Norton, 22, is not expected to return to professional football following the accident.

“It’s not realistic that I’m going to be able to play football anymore. We’re working past that,” he said.

Norton said he’s looking at ways to help others going through difficult times, including holding a blood drive.

He thanked people for supporting him, including his family.

“I am staying strong because all of the support from all of the fans, all of the teams, my family and everyone. That is what is pushing me, my faith and the support from my family, my grandparents, my sports agent,” he said.

“Everyone is going above and beyond with nothing in return. Just to see people who have been supporting me is just great.”

The 2018 draft pick previously took to Instagram to give a thumbs up and write: “I’m good thank you to everyone that checked on me!!! I’m good thanks for the prayers to God be the glory.”

The NFL will cover Norton’s medical bills, his agent Malki Kawa told ESPN.

Kawa said Norton’s “spirits are up considering the traumatic accident that he suffered and he’s thankful for the support.”

Norton eventually hopes to be outfitted with a prosthetic arm, according to the report.

A GoFundMe fundraiser for the man’s medical care has raised over $18,000 in three days. The fundraiser was still going even with the news that the league would cover the medical bills, representatives said.

“The NFL reached out to Kendrick this morning to let him know that all of his medical costs will be covered. This is great news, but with his career over and no source of income currently, this has put a tremendous amount of financial strain on Kendrick and his family. Any continued support is appreciated. Thank you all,” they wrote.

Crash Report

According to a crash report by the Florida Highway Patrol, Norton was to blame for the July 4 wreck that led to him losing his arm.

The agency released the report on Thursday, including a diagram that showed Norton’s Ford truck trying to switch lanes on an expressway near Miami.

Norton sideswiped another vehicle on an exit ramp, the agency said, reported Patch.

“After the initial collision [Norton’s vehicle] continued to travel in a southwesterly direction towards the outside shoulder, where its left side collided into the concrete barrier wall and subsequently overturned on its right side,” the crash report said.

Norton’s vehicle “came to final rest on its roof facing southwest.”