Kentucky Mayor Finds Female Stranger Hiding Inside His Basement

A Kentucky mayor got an astonishing surprise after finding out there was a random female stranger living inside his basement, “hiding from someone.”

Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson found the woman on Wednesday in a house he is renovating, WNKY-TV reported.

Wilkerson told the outlet he “heard noises and smelled cigarettes” while working on his home on Henry Drive.

After he checked the basement of his home, he saw traces of blood on the door and women’s clothes, the mayor told the Bowling Green Police Department’s responding officers.

Later that day, Wilkerson had to go down the basement once again because he lost electricity, the Bowling Green Daily News reported.

When going down to his cellar, he found a young woman in her 20s covered in dirt who claimed she was “hiding from someone” before running out of his house onto the street.

The mayor told police he has no idea who the female stranger is or when she started to live in his basement. He said he filed a report to inform everyone before people start to get the wrong ideas.

“I told the officers when they came that she didn’t steal anything,” Wilkerson told police, according to WNKY-TV.

“I asked the officers why they were grinning and they said that no matter how they write the report, it’s going to say the mayor locked a woman in his house.”

Authorities said they have not been able to identify the suspect.

No additional information was released.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.