Kim Jong Un, the Sexiest Man Alive?

By Tieu
November 1, 2016Shows

Chinese state run media are tricked by The Onion into thinking North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was named the sexiest man alive.

Onion article:
China Daily Article (may get removed):

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誰是世界上最性感男人? Who is the sexiest man in the world? Well, there are a few contenders. But, would you have picked this guy?

Well, China’s state-run media did, or at least they thought the Americans did. State run propaganda machine, the People’s Daily, or 人民日報, on their English website posted an article claiming that American media had labeled North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, or 金正恩 to use the Chinese pronunciation of his name, the sexiest man alive. In Chinese, that is 最性感男人, the sexiest man.

But it turns out the People’s Daily or 人民日報 was tricked. They cited their source as US website, the Onion. Yet the Onion is actually a fake news website, specializing in making up funny stories, packaged as real news.

Too bad for the People’s Daily, or 人民日報 because they really went to town on this story, even including an entire photo gallery of Kim Jong Un, or 金正恩 pics. You’ve got the heroic horse riding pose, various military poses, a rather cool movie star esque sunglasses pose, and one of my personal favorites, this picture of Kim on the front of Time magazine.

I guess they thought it must be true if Kim was featured in Time. But I guess they didn’t bother to actually read this feature on Kim, which is about (quote): “The bizarre world of Kim Jong Un.”

That’s about right for the People’s Daily—they don’t normally check their facts anyway. They normally just print what the regime wants them to say, which is why they have been called 喉舌媒體 or mouthpiece media—i.e. the mouthpiece of the Chinese regime. And since North Korea, or 朝鮮 in Chinese, is an ally of the Chinese regime, this article fits with their overall editorial policy.

But hey, maybe this could be starting a new trend? That hairstyle does look pretty sexy, right?

So, what do you think? Is Kim Jong Un sexy? Or if not, who is the world’s sexiest man? 誰是世界上最性感男人? Write your answers in the comment section below, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe to our channel for more useful Chinese phrases every week.

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