Large Basket With People Inside ‘Wildly Swinging out of Control’ at Top of Tower: Officials

By Zachary Stieber

A large basket with people inside it was “wildly swinging out of control” at the top of a tower in Oklahoma City, officials said on May 15, before an update saying the people inside were rescued.

The basket was high in the air, swinging, when firefighters rushed to the scene at Devon Tower around 8 a.m. local time.

“A large basket, believed to have window washers inside, is swinging wildly out of control at the top of the tower. This is a very dangerous situation,” the Oklahoma City Fire Department said in a statement.

“Please avoid the area. Firefighters are working to access this now.”

The department later said that it successfully rescued the two window washers who were stuck.

About 50 minutes after arriving on the scene, firefighters had rescued the two people.

The department was assessing the firefighters for injuries, it said.

Devon Tower is the tallest building in Oklahoma city, according to KFOR.

According to the Skyscraper Center, the tower, known as the Devon Energy Center, was built in 2012 and is the 52nd tallest building in the United States and 59th tallest building in North America.

“Devon Energy Center creates a focal point for the company and Oklahoma City by integrating civic-scaled spaces as a vital component of its overall development. It consolidates Devon’s Oklahoma City–based workforce into a single state-of-the-art facility with numerous amenities,” the website stated.

“The three-sided tower evolved in part from Devon’s desire to not ‘turn its back’ on any part of the city. Its orientation and placement provide southern exposure to the park while minimizing solar gain. Its form resulted in highly efficient tripartite floor plates averaging 28,000 square feet that accommodate up to 12 full-corner offices. Responsive to the theme of a ‘right to light’ for all occupants, the 10-foot floor-to-ceiling glazing allows daylight deep into the Tower as well as expansive views. All perimeter offices have floor-to-ceiling glass to maximize daylight. The curtain wall consists of continuous high-performance clear glass with a low-E coating that maximizes daylight, while also reducing heat gain.”