Lawmaker to CEO of Dominion: Appear or Be Subpoenaed

A Michigan lawmaker is threatening to subpoena the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems.

In a letter obtained by The Epoch Times, the Republican lawmaker State Rep. Matt Hall said Dominion CEO John Poulos has ignored his invitation to testify before state lawmakers.

The lawmaker says that he is writing again to invite Poulos and “if Dominion chooses to ignore this second request to come … I am prepared to seek legislative subpoena power to compel your appearance … I am hopeful that it would not come to this.”

Dominion makes both election equipment and software. The company provides systems in 28 American states including Michigan.

Dominion’s software in the state’s Antrim county switched 6,000 Trump votes to Biden votes. State election officials say it was “a result of an accidental error.”

President Trump’s campaign team asked Michigan’s Supreme Court to declare the election process has violated the state’s constitution.

The campaign says that the state’s electoral College has not yet voted. They argued that Michigan’s state Secretary allowed illegal ballots to be counted and failed to ensure poll watchers could oversee and challenge the voting process.

Numerous Republican poll watchers in Detroit have said in sworn affidavits and in a state hearing that they were harassed, mistreated, and prohibited from doing their jobs.