Lawmakers Push to Screen Investment to China

The United States is keeping a closer eye on investment in China. A new move could keep billions of U.S. dollars away from the communist country.

Rare earths are key elements for the production of weapons. China dominates the market, but the United States is taking steps to change that.

Is China’s zero-COVID-19 policy really for the well-being of the people? A new report suggests otherwise.

Russian-Chinese relations are at an all time high, and still improving. That’s based on a recent phone call between the two leaders.

Nuclear power is growing around the world. Countries are upgrading their arsenals in the face of Russia’s invasion and China’s threat.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Lawmakers Push to Screen Investment to China
  2. U.S. To Build Domestic Rare Earths Plant
  3. Draft Bill to Address U.S. Mineral Reliance on China
  4. U.S. Weighs Blocking China Officials on Social Media
  5. Elon Musk’s Starship Launch Faces Hurdles
  6. Russia-China Phone Call Displays Mutual Support
  7. China’s ‘Zero-COVID-19’ a Means of Subjugation?
  8. Report: Major Nuclear Powers Expanding Arsenals
  9. Why China Censored This Wedding Video
  10. Report: China Rewards ‘National Security’ Tip-Offs
  11. South American Congressmen Denounce the CCP

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