Lemon8 Surges in US as TikTok Remains Troubled

Popular social media app TikTok is seemingly on a collision course.

More than half of all U.S. states have outlawed the app from government-managed devices. With urgency and support growing for even larger, nationwide bans, even one that could cover personal devices, too.

As lawmakers take issue with the app’s Chinese parent, ByteDance, and concerns that U.S. user data could end up in Beijing.

It could mark a prime opportunity for other platforms to step in and TikTok’s sibling, Lemon8, seems to be doing just that.

It’s also owned by ByteDance. The alternative social media features a blend of Instagram and TikTok-style content.

Some have likened it to platforms like Pinterest. Both for the wide range of home decor, health, and beauty content it offers and for its artsy, vibrant aesthetic.

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