Fresh-made ice cream rolls make in Thailand

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January 17, 2017Entertainment
Fresh-made ice cream rolls make in Thailand

How do you know how fresh the ice cream in front of you really is? One of the answers the people of Thailand came up with is simple – you know it’s fresh because it was made right in front of you!

The idea of rolled ice cream became originally popularized and is a creation from the streets of Thailand, yet it is also being sold at more and more places in the US.


This sensational Thai frozen dessert is unlike any other ice cream, and is prepared after the order is places.


It’s easy to create this rolled ice cream. Being also known as stir-fried ice cream, it’s enough to apply the flavored milky based cream onto a freezing metal surface. After just a few seconds, the cream freezes. Then sa metal tool is used to scrape the thinly spread ice cream away from the ice-cold surface, creating rolls of ice cream.

Enjoy watching the process of making rolled ice cream in this video below: