Light and delicious Malaysian “Flying bread”

In Malaysia, many things are different. For example, in Malaysia, bread can fly! Pulling this bread a corner, it becomes immediately airborne, since it’s so light, flat, and aerodynamic. Though, as the Chinese and the Indians call it and literally translate that, you really get exactly “flying bread”.

The kind of bread mentioned here is part of Malaysian traditional culture. It’s called roti cane, is served mainly in Malaysia and has quite a bit of Indian influence to it.

Traditionally, this bread is served together with a variety of curry, such as mutton or chicken curry, for example. However, this kind of bread is rather versatile. It comes in countless variations, some of them sweet, and others savory. Fillings and toppings can vary from bananas or onion to sardines or eggs.

So let’s enjoy a little cooking lesson that involves considerable acrobatic handling, and see how bread is taught to fly in Malaysia: