Lightning Storms in Albania Flood Cities, Cause 1 Death

TIRANA, Albania—Lightning storms in Albania flooded cities, caused power outages in the capital and led to the death of at least person Thursday, authorities said.

Police said a 51-year-old man died in a fire after lightning hit a home in the northwestern village of Dedaj and caused an electrical short. Another man was injured, police said.

Another man was found drowned in the sea in the southwestern city of Vlora, but investigators have not determined if his death was weather-related.

Many cities along the Albanian coast flooded after two hours of unusually heavy rain. Farmers in southeastern Albania complained that the downpour damaged all their spring crops.

In Albania’s southernmost city, Saranda, lightning damaged an apartment building.

Albania has experienced two weeks of hot weather, with temperatures reaching 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 F.)