Lithuania: Europe Should Stand Up to China

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
January 13, 2022China in Focus

Cybersecurity is on the docket ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The British Olympics Association is offering new smartphones to its athletes—to block personal data from landing in the communist regime’s hands.

In Beijing, police are greeting early arrivals to the Games. Officers then accompany the visitors straight from the airport to a closed area where they’re met with a set of strict policies.

For Chinese residents, lockdown orders are still in full force in Xi’an city. With meat and other food supplies becoming more scarce as people are forced to stay home, one local asks his neighbors for an unusual favor.

Amid Xi’an’s wide-reaching shutdown, state workers vowed to deliver food door to door. But for those who do receive groceries, there may be a catch. Citizens must thank the Communist Party, sometimes on film, before the food is handed over.

And outside China, Lithuania defends itself while under fire from Beijing. It’s calling on other European nations to stand up to Chinese aggression.

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