Little kitty tries her best to save “drowning owner”

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January 20, 2017Stories
Little kitty tries her best to save “drowning owner”

Really…? Can an adult drown in a bathtub? But to this little kitten, a huge container filled with water is surely alarming and a cause for worry. Read on to see how she tries her best to save her Mommy!

Image Credit: PGSmile_ / YouTube

Drowning in a bathtub  is only possible if you fall into a deep slumber or if you are not in your senses. Otherwise, generally, bathtubs are pretty safe for adults. But how is a little kitten to know!

This little kitty notices her Mommy, probably for the first time, in a bathtub, submerged in water and her obvious reaction is, she is terror stricken. Is my momma okay? Is she in danger? Is she drowning? How can I help her? What is it that I can do?

So she meows as loud as she can, tries to grab the lady, and pull her out of the bathtub with her little paws and teeth. She tries her best continuously till Mommy dearest assures her she is okay.

You need to watch this video!

What a brave and caring little soul? Wonder if she had any idea about her own size! The mommy can rest assured that this little kitty will put her own life at stake and save her if ever an emergency arises.

Now we know why you need to have a pet at home. Their unconditional love and care is hard to find among humans!