Locusts the New Norm; Chinese Diplomats reduced in the US; CCP’s Deception Losing Effect
CrossroadsJoshua Philipp

Locusts coming into China from abroad may become a new norm, according to a July 27 statement from the China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The Ministry only emphasized that locusts invaded China from abroad, but didn’t explain that the locust plague is already ravaging many parts of China. It’s claiming the issue is “preventable and controllable.”

Meanwhile, The Washington Times published an exclusive report, alleging the Trump administration is preparing to order China to reduce its diplomats in the United States to levels equal to the number of US diplomats in China.

And, Chinese propaganda attempting to rile up sentiments about the US threat and war preparations don’t appear to be taking hold among many Chinese people. RFA reports that while the Chinese leadership is holding nuclear defense drills, launching anti-American propaganda, and using other measures, the Chinese people no longer appear to be buying into it.

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