‘Look at Hong Kong and Think of Taiwan’: Taiwanese President

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By NTD Newsroom
December 4, 2023China in Focus

Is Taiwan’s upcoming election a choice between war and peace?

Ahead of the January elections, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen appeals to voters and urges them to ‘look at Hong Kong and think of Taiwan.’

“I want to ask you all here, does anyone want war? Nobody wants war. Do we want peace? Everyone wants peace. Look at Hong Kong and think of Taiwan. We don’t want Hong Kong-style peace. We want dignified peace. Everyone, am I right?,” Ms. Tsai said.

She urged voters to think of Beijing’s suppression of democratic freedoms in the former British colony.

Critics say Hong Kong’s freedoms have been quickly eroded by Beijing’s national security law since it was imposed on the city in 2020.

Hong Kong was returned to Chinese rule in 1997 with the promise of autonomy under a “one country, two systems” framework.

China made the same offer to Taiwan, but the island staunchly denied Chinese sovereignty.

Ms. Tsai says peace must be backed up with a commitment to boost defenses.

The Chinese Regime claims Taiwan as its own territory, despite never having ruled the island. And has vowed to annex it, by force if necessary.

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