After losing myself, I found freedom in horses

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January 2, 2017Entertainment
After losing myself, I found freedom in horses

I always felt small in this world. Confined by rules, I didn’t understand; and surrounded by standards I would never fit in. This is when I began my search for freedom. What does this word mean? What’s the definition? Is being free only an excuse for making decisions which seem incomprehensible to the rest of the world? Or does it simply stand for listening to the tentative voice of your own heart? I didn’t know, but I wanted to. Because of being caught in a job which sucked the life out of my veins, stillness filled my heart. After a while, I couldn’t even remember what my heart’s voice once sounded like.

In order to get my heart into speaking again, I searched for what was missing and discovered it in dark, trusting eyes. Their sparkle promised me everything I was looking for: Freedom. These eyes belonged to a horse. I surrounded myself with animals who filled my entire body with pure love. I dedicated the very core of my work to these magnificent creatures. Suddenly my heart broke its silence and greeted me: “Welcome home, my dear.”

Ever since, I have found my two passions that keep my heart beating: horses and photography. I find love, calmness, strength, and a possibility to express my feelings in both of them. Not everything I capture is supposed to be objectively beautiful – simply caused by life not being purely beautiful itself. We go through peaks and valleys, doubt in our darkest moments, and shine in our brightest. We feel pain and we cause pain. We break and we heal. We cry. We love. We live.

The photos included in my portfolio are more than a collection of best works. These photos are my own heights and depths, my darkest doubts and brightest moments of happiness. With this article, I do not only share my work with you – I share a part of my life. Because we break and we heal. We cry. We love. We live. This is freedom.

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