Rare White Lion Cubs Get Named at German Zoo

By Tiffany Meier

Four rare white lion cubs born at Germany’s Magdeburg zoo in July, just had a naming ceremony on Saturday, Nov. 24, in an event open to all visitors.

The four were named Amari, Nyaia, Simba, and Tajo, respectively.

One of the three male cubs, Simba, can be seen running away from his siblings with the food he had found in his box.

Simba kept trying to eat his dinner, but his siblings all wanted some.

They finally leave Simba alone to eat in peace.

Magdeburg Zoo director, Kai Perret, said: “White lions are a natural color variant of the normal brown color of African lions. And they come from a very specific area in South Africa, Timbavati, close to the Krueger national park. That is their place of origin, but nowadays there are very few left as they were exterminated some time ago.”

This isn’t the first success story for the zoo.

In 2006, they also presented six white lion cubs in 2016, according to Reuters.

“There are about 200 animals worldwide, under human care and only 15 in the African wild, so it is easy to see how rare these lions are,” Perret said.

The zoo website said the “four cubs are looking forward to many zoo visitors!”