Maine Facilitates ‘Trans Tourism’ Through Bill Shielding Transporters of Children Seeking Gender Transitions: Shawn McBreairty

When it comes to the increasing visibility of transgender issues in the United States, the state of Maine has garnered attention. Specifically, three bills are being discussed about this matter. According to David Kendall, who serves as the director of advocacy for Parental Rights Maine, one of these bills aims to designate Maine as a sanctuary state for individuals bringing transgender children from other states.

NTD spoke with Shawn McBreairty, podcaster host of “Maine Source Of Truth” and the director of special projects with the Maine First Project, an organization trying to shift school board battles and reclaim local control on the issue.

McBreairty said, “Trans-tourism is what I think these folks in Maine, the Democrats here in Maine are trying to do. It’s going to allow…minor children, to make their determinations on their health care. There’s nowhere else that we allow that in any civil society.”