How to Make Turkish Sand Coffee

Thuan San
By Thuan San
March 15, 2017Arts and Cultureshare
How to Make Turkish Sand Coffee

Turkish sand coffee is very similar to ordinary Turkish coffee-which is to say, not ordinary at all. It involves using very hot sand to cook or brew the coffee, because the sand offers a more consistent, even heat.

To Make Turkish Sand Coffee

Turkish sand coffee requires many of the same tools that regular Turkish coffee requires, namely a small coffee brew pot with a wide base, a narrow mouth, a long handle, and one or two spouts to use in pouring. A metal spoon is needed for stirring, but a filter is not needed. The big difference between normal Turkish coffee and Turkish sand coffee, is that Turkish sand coffee uses a hot bed of sand to heat the coffee. The sand can be heated using any method, as long as the heat is consistent. Once filled with water and coffee grounds, the pots are nestled a couple inches deep into the bed hot sand.


Making Turkish Sand Coffee

The ingredients in Turkish coffee and Turkish sand coffee are the same: high-quality water, finely-ground high-quality coffee beans, sugar if desired, and spices to season the foam. To begin, pour the desired amount of water into the pot then float the grounds on top. Place the pot in the sand, slightly submerged under the surface of the sand, for even heat distribution. As the water starts heating, gently stir the mixture so the coffee grounds are evenly distributed throughout the water and there are no lumps. Wait until the mixture is nearly boiling and has foamed, but do not let it boil.

Finishing Turkish Sand coffee


Gently scoop the foam off of the top of the Turkish coffee and either discard it, or place it in the serving cups. Once the foam is out of the coffee pot, gently pour the coffee into the cup, taking care to avoid touching the hot metal. If the foam was saved in the serving cup, this should be allowed to rise to the surface of the coffee. Let the coffee sit undisturbed for two to three minutes to allow the grounds to settle. Never strain Turkish coffee because doing so can upset the delicate flavor balance. Once the coffee and the grounds have separated, feel free to enjoy your hot beverage.

Variations of Turkish Sand Coffee


The strength of the coffee can be adjusted rather easily. Once the coffee has foamed and nearly boiled, removing it from the sand, and tapping the pot against something forcing the foam to resettle, the pot can be re-heated to near the boiling point two additional times without damage. Sugar can also be added to the water before the coffee grounds if a slightly sweet brew is desired, and finely ground spices can be dusted on the surface of the foam for added flavor.

Turkish sand coffee and Turkish coffee differ only in preparation method and speed. While the evenness and slowness of the preparation of Turkish sand coffee can lend itself to a more smooth, flavorful drink, it can also be more easily overheated and burned from lack of attention. In the end, it’s up to the consumer to decide between Turkish sand coffee and Turkish coffee.

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