Maltz: China Destabilizing US With Fentanyl

New CDC data shows nearly 300 Americans are dying daily from drug overdoses. We look at China’s role in getting those drugs into the country.

Disney says it doesn’t need the Chinese market—and neither does Doctor Strange 2. The company’s CEO voices confidence, though Marvel’s latest hit isn’t expected to release in Asia’s biggest film market.

A viral video captures a police officer’s threat, saying if residents don’t follow China’s zero-COVID-19 policy, the next three generations will be punished. We bring you the response that sent social media into an uproar.

And we look at a question from our audience, which involves Tibet, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia, and why the suppression of China’s ethnic minorities actually isn’t an ethnic issue.

Topics in today’s episode:
Disney CEO: Dr. Strange 2 Doesn’t Need China
Beijing Residents Stock Up Over Lockdown Fears
Videos: Seniors, Others Face Obstacles Amid Lockdown
‘We Are the Last Generation’ Video Goes Viral
Q&A: A Look at China’s Suppression of Ethnic Groups
Testimony on Forced Organ Harvesting in China
US Spy Chief: China Remains Unparalleled Priority
Shanghai Bank Reopens Ahead of Lockdown Easing
Biden Welcomes Southeast Asian Leaders
North Korea Reports First COVID-19 Deaths

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