Man Completes Mission to Mow Veterans’ Lawns in All 50 States

By Jeremy Sandberg

An Alabama man completed his mission of mowing lawns for veterans in all 50 American states on June 14, but his call of duty doesn’t end there.

Rodney Smith Jr., founder of Raising Men Lawn Care Service, told NTD News about his selfless nationwide undertaking to be of service to those that served the country.

Smith is a man on a mission to help those in need and instill the same positive values in the youth that he was taught. He is now planning a world tour to mow lawns on seven continents.

“Seven continents, It was supposed to be this year, but I came up with the idea for the veterans,” said Smith. “So seven continents might be the next big project, going to all seven continents to mow lawns for the elderly, disabled, single moms, and the veterans.”

Smith said in a post on twitter back in 2015 he remembers asking God to use him as his vessel.

In the 2015 post, Smith said he was driving and saw an elderly man mowing a lawn who looked to be having a hard time due to the extreme heat. Smith pulled over and helped him finish.

After the man told Smith how much the help meant to him, Smith decided to cut lawns for those that needed support.

Smith has issued a challenge to youngsters, called the 50 yard challenge. It’s meant to encourage kids to interact with the community and help by mowing 50 lawns for those in need.

“The challenge is for kids nationwide to do it,” said Smith. “We have just about 400 kids nationwide taking part in it right n0w, 40 have completed it.”

Participants are welcomed to the family on Smith’s Twitter page where he encourages them along the way and awards them a different color shirt for every ten lawns they complete.

Smith said the veterans tour was a great experience, being able to meet all the different veterans, especially ones that served in World War II.

“Talking to them I felt like a kid during story time,” said Smith. “Just listening to their stories and picturing in my head.”

He said their stories were so detailed, and that Vietnam veterans had a lot to share about what they went through.

“That was a real nasty war, and for them to share their stories with me, wow they went through a lot,” said Smith.

The veterans are featured on Smith’s Twitter and Facebook pages where he introduces them in videos and posts.

Smith said when he tours he always drives to 48 states, and then flies to Alaska and Hawaii.

“This time Delta flew me first class to my last two states Alaska and Hawaii, but the difficulties were some states it was hard trying to find veterans,” he said.

For Smith, finding the elderly, disabled, the single moms was never a problem, however finding veterans was sometimes challenging.

“Normally when I go to states I take a picture outside of a “welcome to” state sign, I can normally find lawns of the elderly, disabled, the single moms just like that,” said Smith, “But for veterans for some reason … during the just veterans tour it was pretty hard locating veterans on the fly.”

Smith said eventually he was able to find veterans, and that most of them knew in advance he would be coming.

“If someone knew the veteran, I told them to reach out to the veteran first and make sure it’s ok,” said Smith. “So I don’t just pop up on them.”

After finishing up in Hawaii, Smith flew home courtesy of Delta Airlines.

“I feel good, you know I wish I was still on the road but it feels good to be able to complete another tour,” said Smith. “This is my fifth tour to all 50 states.

“I think this tour was the most special one because it was for the veterans. So, it feels good to be able to complete it.”

Smith holds a master’s degree in social work, has a big heart, and a large network of supporters as can be seen in the comments of his Twitter and his Facebook pages.