Man Confesses to Killing 4 Family Members—One Was With Him in the Car

By Victor Westerkamp

A man walked into a police station in Mount Shasta, confessing he had slain four family members in his Roseville apartment—one of them was still in the car parked in front.

The man, 53-year-old Shankar Nagappa Hangud, walked into the police station in Mount Shasta, Siskiyou County, just after mid-day. He told deputies he had killed four people—three at his home in Roseville and another victim that was still inside his car outside the police station, ABC reported.

Mount Shasta police alerted the Roseville Police Department, who dispatched officers to the suspect’s apartment block residence. They found three bodies, an adult and two children, according to the outlet.

At a press conference on Tuesday, RPD Sheriff Josh Simon said the investigation is ongoing, and many questions still need to be answered. It is unclear, for instance, how the suspect and his fourth victim ended up in Mount Shasta, about 200 miles away from his hometown.

Hangud is held without bail at the Roseville South Placer Jail and charged with four counts of murder, Simon said. The names of the victims have not been disclosed, as next of kin first, need to be informed.

Triple, quadruple murders, it’s nothing uncommon, nowadays, and they often happen in a familial setting. The Epoch Times reported last month on another such story.

22-Year-Old Allegedly Kills 4 Roommates Over an Escalation

Police arrested a 22-year-old man for the murder of four men in an apartment in Beaumont, Texas, on Sept. 29.

The Beaumont Police arrested Lively James Stratton for the murder of—Bobby Wyatt, 39; Shannon Sutton, 23; Alvin Lee Bellard, 32; and Elijah Rideau, 33, on Sunday afternoon.

The Police said in a press conference that an officer was patrolling the area at about 12.30 p.m. when he heard some gunshots.

“While he was looking, we got a phone call from people in the neighborhood saying that there has been a shooting in 4100 block of highland,” said Officer Carol Riley, according to 12 News.

“Two of the victims were deceased. Two critically injured victims were transported to the hospital by EMS and died from their injuries,” the Beaumont Police said in a statement on Facebook.

The four roommates were involved in an escalation that resulted in the shooting, said Riley. Stratton’s bond was set at $4 million, one million for each homicide victim, according to 12 News.

Epoch Times reporter Venus Upadhayaya contributed to this report