Man Gets Tackled in Bagel Shop After Going on Tirade About Being Too Short to Get Dates, in Viral Video
New YorkColin Fredericson

A man in Long Island, New York, was caught on video going on an angry tirade in a bagel store before eventually being tackled after threatening customers.

In the viral video obtained by the New York Post, the man expresses that he is tired of not finding luck in love, attributing his lack of success to his height, and taking his frustration out on women in general, including those before him at the shop.

“Why is it okay for woman to say ‘Oh you’re 5-feet’ on dating sites, ‘You should be dead.’ That’s okay?” the man slams his newspaper on the ground as he speaks.

A woman off camera asks him to clarify.

“Who said that to you here? Nobody,” said the woman.

The agitated man momentarily turns away and looks towards the bagels.

“Women in general had said it on dating sites. You think I’m making that [expletive] up?” he answers, turning back around to face his bagel shop audience.

The tirade continues.

“Everywhere I go I get the same [expletive] smirk, with the biting lip,” he said while gesturing towards the counter, perhaps towards a female employee.

The altercation took place at Bagel Boss in Bay Shore, New York. Employees at the chain told the Post that the man walked in at 9 a.m. on July 10 screaming about women rejecting him and about dating websites.

A manager said a female employee was serving him. She looked at him and smiled.

“He just went totally nuts. He said ‘Why are you smiling at me?’” said the manager. “He started saying it’s because I’m short and nobody wants me.”

During the July 10 tirade, another man tells the angry customer to calm down. He responds by turning towards the man and getting in his face.

“Shut your mouth! You’re not God, or my father, or my boss,” the angry man said while pointing in the other man’s face.

The angry man then challenged the customer to a fight and asked him to step outside, while getting more and more physical.

When another man, off camera, challenged him, the angry man told him to “Go ahead and attack me big…” which are his last words before being taken to the floor by the much bigger man.

“He is our hero,” the manager told the Post, praising the customer who put the angry man’s tirade to an end. “If he didn’t tackle him, it would’ve gone on and on.”

Police came to the store around 9:20 a.m., but no charges were filed, the Post reported. The angry man also didn’t pay for his bagel sandwich order.

The man was identified in later reports as 45-year-old Chris Morgan. He owns a cleaning business in the same area as the bagel shop. He lives in his van and wants to press charges against the man who tackled him, according to the Post.

Reports about Morgan have also revealed a YouTube channel full of his public tirades, some similar to the bagel shop rant, and other videos that appear to show Morgan goofing around with his friends and doing other things. The videos were all apparently filmed by Morgan.

Morgan told the Post that his dating life has changed since the bagel shop video went viral. He told the Post that people are calling him nonstop and strange women are seeking his attention.

But another claim by Morgan, that the bagel shop invited him back for free food, was denied by the boss.

“No one invited him for a bagel. He’s not welcome,” Bagel Boss owner Mike Ficco told the NY Post.

Morgan explained why he came into the store angry, in an interview with News 12.

“I’m tired of women using me, abusing me, lying to my face, telling me you like me on dates and then you take my money, you cut me off, and you say I’m too short when you’re about my height. It’s ridiculous.”

Bagel Boss is commemorating the incident by giving free mini bagels to customers who come in to the store and mention the viral video, according to New 12.