Man Reunites With $23,000 Found in Recycling Sorting Facility

By The Associated Press

EUREKA, California—A man who accidentally tossed $23,000 into the recycling bin reunited with his life savings on Saturday, Aug. 3 after a worker at a recycling facility in Northern California spotted a shoebox stuffed with money.

When the man from Ashland, Oregon, realized his mistake on Thursday, the recycling bin had already been emptied into a truck bound for the Recology sorting facility in Humboldt County.

The facility’s general manager told the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat most of the recyclables from the truck had been sorted by the time the man contacted Recology. Workers were nonetheless told to be on the lookout for the box.

“We take quite a bit of material every day so the odds of finding that are not much better than a needle in a haystack,” said Linda Wise, general manager of the Samoa Resource Recovery Center operated by Recology.

Someone spotted the box down the sorting line Friday and recovered all but $320. The money somehow stayed in the box during the 200-mile trip to the facility.

Plumber Finds 15 Wallets Stolen 75 Years Ago

Fifteen women’s wallets that were lost 75 years ago recently fell out of a heat vent in the wall of an old school bathroom as a plumber cut through it.

They were found while the old Centralia High School in Illinois was being demolished to be turned into a new church, reported WCNC.

The wallets had been stuffed into the heat duct behind a toilet in one of the restrooms. The wallets had no money inside, since the thief likely pocketed any that was found. But intact were the school IDs of the owners and a lot of pictures.

People responded by sharing the post thousands of times and posting a few obituaries of those deceased in the list.

“Shared 1000 times, 2000, 3000. People are commenting. A lot of people have reached out and it’s relatives,” Baltzell told WCNC.

Meanwhile, Facebook users found the story of the lost wallets extremely interesting and wished they knew who placed them inside the heat vent.

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Epoch Times reporter Venus Upadhayaya contributed to this report.