The authorities are not yet able to determine whether the bullet from the gun went through the vest the man was wearing, or if the person who fired the gun missed and shot outside of the bulletproof vest area.

A forensic team is examining the evidence to see whether the bullet hit the vest or not.

Police were called to the Houston residence at around 1:30 am on Sunday following a report of a fatal shooting in the area, and told local media that there are thought to have been between six and eight people at the gathering when the shooting took place.

The authorities are currently working to find the man who allegedly fired the fatal shot at the party host, along with one other witness, in order to understand more about what happened at the party.

The news comes several months after a man in England shot dead his best friend testing out a protective vest that his friend, the victim had purchased from a military hardware store and believed to be bulletproof.

Ian Catley, 40, used a shotgun to fire at his friend Philip Harper, who was killed instantly, The Sun reported. Catley was sentenced to seven years in jail for manslaughter following the incident.