Man Smashed in the Head With Bowling Ball During Fight: Police

By Paula Liu

A man was smashed in the head with a bowling ball during a fight at a Chicago bowling alley on Sept. 4, according to multiple reports.

Diamante Williams, a 28-year-old, was at the local bowling alley when a fight broke out while a promotional event that was taking place, according to ABC News. CBS Chicago reported that no one at the bowling alley contacted authorities, but someone ran outside the establishment and notified a police officer about the incident.

After being hit with the bowling ball, Williams was transported to the Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood. According to CBS Chicago, he was placed in a medically induced coma on the night of Sept. 5.

“It’s horrific. I just couldn’t believe somebody could be that inhumane to do that to another human being,” Tamekio Williams, Diamante Williams’s mother, said, according to Vibe. She said that the footage of the incident went viral.

“It went viral on Facebook, and it is heartbreaking to see a loved one in that capacity, and no one helped. All the people around immediately took out their phones and recorded it,” she said.

In video footage that was uploaded to Facebook on Sept. 6, security was seen at the scene trying to stop the fight. The fight broke out between a group of people at the bowling alley when a man was seen smashing Williams in the head with a bowling ball.

After Williams was assaulted with the bowling ball to the head, screams and shouts could be heard from people at the bowling alley. The suspect escaped via vehicle from the crime scene. The Cicero Police Department circulated a picture of the suspect, hoping to identify the person and take him into police custody.

“The Cicero Police Department is attempting to identify the below listed subject,” the Cicero Police Department wrote in a statement on Twitter. “The above listed individual was involved in an altercation which resulted in above individual throwing a bowling ball at victim’s head, causing severe injury. Above individual then drove off in a 2018 Range Rover.”

The statement warned that should people come into contact with the suspect; they should contact the police immediately. According to the report, the license plate on the vehicle read “AFS-3400.”

Williams’s mother, who was devastated, said that the brawl happened when her son bumped into someone, according to CBS Chicago.

“Everybody knows a bowling ball is very heavy, so why would you throw it at someone’s head deliberately?” Tamekio Williams said. “To my understanding, he didn’t even know these people—so why would you hit someone with a bowling ball in the head?”

According to Vibe, Tamekio Williams said she wanted the person who attacked her son to be brought to justice and encouraged the public to help in the search for the suspect.

“Justice for Tate. Justice for Tate. If this was your family member, wouldn’t you want something good to happen for them?” Tamekio asked.

“Just bring this person to justice,” she said, CBS Chicago reported.

According to ABC News, Tamekio Williams said her son was brought out of the medically induced coma on Sept. 6. But he remains in a critical condition from the injuries sustained from the bowling alley assault.