Man travels 10,000 miles to make 100 People of Dance Video

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January 22, 2017Style
Man travels 10,000 miles to make 100 People of Dance Video

North American road trips are legendary opportunities for exploration and adventure; while hiking, camping, and city-hopping are all common experiences on a road trip itinerary, have you ever spent an entire road trip dancing with strangers?

Matt Bray, a YouTuber from Illinois, did just that. Embarking on a month and a half long road trip that took him 10,000 miles across the US and Canada, Bray invited 100 people to dance with him, an endeavour that resulted in “100 people of Dance,” one of the best feel-good travel videos of the year.

The video is part of Bray’s YouTube called ProjectOneLife that documents his bucket list adventures, and it is a sequel to an earlier dance video he put together called “100 places of Dance,” which featured 100 locations in Chicago. This time, Bray was ready to think bigger: “I didn’t want to just dance with people I knew or who were in Illinois. I thought it would be so much more fun to drive all across North America and dance with people all around.”

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