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August 4, 2023NTD Original

The 7th NTD International Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Competition was in full swing in Upstate New York in Aug. 2022, with participants from around the world showcasing their skills in an enthusiastic atmosphere.

After three days of competition, however, it was announced that there would be no gold medal awarded that year—a first in the history of the competition—as the participants did not meet the standard required for the gold award.

Youfu Li, the head judge of the NTD competition, expressed his heartfelt sorrow for the unexpected outcome. “I’m very sorry that this happened. We never expected this could [be the] result. It saddens me greatly, almost to the point of tears,” he said.

“Let me tell you, traditional martial arts demand dedication and effort from us,” Mr. Li said.

But the rise of contemporary martial arts in the wake of the Cultural Revolution in China has had a deleterious effect on the world of traditional martial arts.

“The infiltration of contemporary martial arts is terrifying. We hope the martial artists are able to counter this infiltration and continue to inherit the traditional forms,” Mr. Li said.

So, how can we rediscover truly traditional martial arts?

This film brings viewers on a captivating journey alongside martial artists in the world of traditional Chinese martial arts, as they seek to uncover its very essence. Their story will serve as a guide to martial artists and enthusiasts to ensure they can navigate their path successfully.

Martial Virtues | Wu De | Documentary 

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