Massive dump of hacked emails hits French candidate Macron

Emmanuel Macron is the leading candidate in France’s may presidential election.

Hundreds of pages of emails were stolen from his party’s server. These emails, mixed with false documents, were dumped on the internet.

No one knows who did it. Bit follows the same pattern as the U.S. election.

Macron’s opponent is Marine Le Pen. She has been heavily financed by Russia.

“It doesn’t surprise me, we know that there are foreign powers that want to play a role in presidential elections and as if by chance right at the end, before the vote,” said Luc Vidal, a Paris telecommunications worker.

French law prohibits campaigning or media coverage the day before a vote. Macron and his party could not respond to the attack.

Internet security firm Trend Micro said this is the fourth time Macron’s campaign has been cyber-attacked.