McDonald’s Employee Refuses Service for 2 Florida Paramedics Saying ‘We Do Not Serve Badges Here’

By Colin Fredericson

A McDonald’s employee was fired after a paramedic wrote a review on Facebook stating that he was denied service because of his uniform.

Two paramedics walked into a Madeira Beach, Florida, McDonald’s on the evening of July 31. Both were denied service by an employee who said, “we do not serve badges here,” according to a review posted online by Sunstar paramedic Anthony Quinn, as obtained by WFTS.

McDonald’s employee fired after allegations of refusing to serve Sunstar paramedics

— ABC Action News (@abcactionnews) August 2, 2019

The review says that Quinn stopped by the restaurant to use the bathroom and order food. He was told that he wouldn’t be served, five minutes later his partner walks in and gets told the same thing.

“Corporate will be notified. I would not recommend this place at all if that’s how employees treat guests. #shamemcdonalds #mcdonalds #totalinsanity #thishastostop #icallbs,” Quinn wrote, to wrap up the review.

Quinn also posted about his McDonald’s experience via his Facebook page. The post was made into a screenshot shared to the Savage Paramedics Facebook page by Jeanette Bouton, who wrote that she is a friend of Quinn’s.

“I am at work, in my Sunstar paramedic uniform. I walk into McDonald’s just to use the bathroom, and an employee goes we don’t accept officers in here,” Quinn wrote, in a post which appears to have either limited visibility or was taken down.

“I tell her I’m not an officer. She then says anyone with a badge. Then [sic] says it to my partner as he walks in to order food, says we don’t serve your kind here. Just insane how people are,” Quinn wrote.

Members of the Savage Paramedics Facebook page, a page that appears to be a place where paramedics can share experiences and jokes, expressed their thoughts on media reports of the story.

“Anyone refusing service to an industry whose sole purpose IS serving people most definitely should be fired! On the Spot! That so-called badge/uniform will save your dumb[expletive] life one day, cuz that’s how Karma works. And I guarantee it’ll be wearing a uniform when it shows up!” commented Judie Coe-Wirth.

“Wonder who they expect to serve them when they call 911 and need assistance? (EMS/FIRE/Law Enforcement & the whole family of first responders that wear a badge and respond to your distress and needs)…Because these services don’t “refuse.” They all selflessly provide, every-damn-day,” commented Katrina Staggs.

“Bahahaha when I worked at McDonald’s as a shift manager prior to my EMS career, I constantly gave Police and First Responders FREE food.” Commented KayLyn Leigh Parker.

Caspers, the company that runs the Madeira Beach McDonald’s, responded in this statement obtained by WFTS.
“We are aware of the unfortunate incident that took place at one of our restaurants last night. We, like you, were upset and disappointed and took immediate action. The employee has been terminated. What occurred does not reflect the values of our brand, our franchise, or the love and admiration we have demonstrated consistently for our friends in law enforcement and first responders. We have reached out to offer our sincerest apology.”

Caspers runs multiple McDonald’s locations and is based in Florida.