Media Is Spinning Canada’s Freedom Convoy as a Hotbed of ‘Extremism’—Is That Really What’s Going On?

“Trucker protest may warrant military intervention,” a recent headline reads. Words like “far-right,” “extremist,” and “Nazi symbolism” have punctuated much of the reporting on this protest, which started with Canadian truck drivers standing against a new vaccine mandate imposed by the government. But do these labels really reflect the nature of what’s taking place outside Canada’s Parliament building in Ottawa?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released a statement from an undisclosed location denouncing the protest—saying, more or less, that these “fringe” people need to accept that getting vaccinated is just part and parcel of getting freedom back. But is this really just a “fringe minority” as he’s suggested?

Canada’s Freedom Convoy has drawn the eyes of the world to Ottawa. But your idea of what is happening there could vary drastically depending on where you’re getting your news from.