Media, Lobbyists, Politicians Block Tough-on-China Laws; Lab-Leak Theory Gains Traction

The Senate China bill is being widely criticized for being too weak—for not really addressing the global threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Senator Josh Hawley has proposed amendments to the bill that would see information on the origin of the coronavirus declassified. They would also add a duty of 100 percent on goods from Xinjiang in response to the use of Uyghur slave labor there.

I spoke to Dr. Anders Corr, a national security commentator and publisher of the Journal of Political Risk, about why America’s China policies are so full of holes. He points to politicians, media, and lobbyists with vested interests in not holding China accountable.

Why is Lithuania prepared to take a stand against the CCP, where more powerful countries are not?

How can the principle of reciprocity be applied by the United States to give Beijing a taste of its own medicine? And what is the most urgent action now needed to counter the multi-pronged threats of the CCP?

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