Meet Japanese Geisha and Kabuki Wig Master (video)

Hyesoo in Japan

To have a more in-depth experience of Japanese traditional culture, Hyesoo will head towards Kansai. The first stop would be Japan’s “thousand-year capital”—Kyoto.

Kyoto is also where Japan’s ancient cultures are best preserved.
Tranquil, elegant, and self-possessed.

[Kyoto-Katsura Wigs for Kabuki and Geisha]

How to make wigs?
Every hair-piece can be used around 10 times. But if you preserve the hair carefully with oil, you could make it last for decades.

The wig master said,”As long as people still believe in preserving traditional culture, the artisans in that field will not vanish.”

Hyesoo was given the opportunity to wear this wig designated for performers! And like this, tie the hair up tightly, pull it up, make sure it is so tight that even your face feels taut.
Hyesoo was a little nervous…

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