Melania Trump’s Hometown Makes “First Lady” Pies

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
January 20, 2017US News

With Melania Trump as the new First Lady of the United States, her hometown Sevnica in Slovenia is hoping to attract more tourism. They are making many kinds of “First Lady” foods and memorabilia, including pies, wine, sausage and  chocolate.

Melania is the first immigrant First Lady in nearly 200 years. She is beloved in her hometown. A tour guide says she donated $25,000 to a local medical facility.

Locals say tourists from other parts of Slovenia and surrounding countries have doubled in the past year,  as interest in Melania rose during her husband Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign.

A local bakery made “First Lady” Apple Pie in her honor and it became very popular. 

Melania’s lawyer said that people of the town are not allowed to use her image for commercial purposes without her consent, so the First Lady’s face won’t be seen around Sevnica. However, you can see products with the words “First Lady”, the letter “M”, and the American flag printed on them.