‘Mercedes Mum’ Asks for $100,000 on GoFundMe, Says She Can’t Get Job Because Police Lied About Her

A woman dubbed the “Mercedes Mum” after she allegedly drove at 200 km an hour (124 mph) during a police chase with her 3-year-old daughter in the back seat, has pleaded to the public for AU$100,000 (about $70,000) in donations because she can’t get a job.

Margarita Tomovska started a GoFundMe page on May 30 to raise the donations, but so far had raised just AU$1,200 ($830).

The title of her GoFundMe page is “Fight Raptor,” a New South Wales (NSW) police force that specifically targets biker gangs and any associated criminal enterprises in Australia.

The 27-year-old began by commenting on the difference between the public’s perception of her and who she really is.

“I know you all don’t know me but I’m actually not a bad person,” she wrote.

Then she accused the police of giving false information about her to the investigative news show “A Current Affair” (ACA).

“These dogs are liers [sic] and have something against me for no reason as I’m sure I’m not the only one,” she wrote.

“Due to the [expletive] that they have made up about me on Current Affair they have restricted my rights to see my daughter.”

The young mother claimed that these media reports are the reason why employers aren’t hiring her.

“They have made it very hard for me to maintain a job as no one would hire me due to the [expletive] from raptor and ACA combined.”

“So I created this GoFund me to raise some support against the [expletive] that they have done to me and everyone else,” Tomovska wrote. “It’s about time we fight back. Enough is enough!”

A spokeswoman for the NSW police told Daily Mail Australia that the Raptors have never investigated her.

The spokeswoman added that a Raptor officer had pulled her over while her 3-year-old daughter was in the back seat without restraints, but only because they were on patrol at the time.

Tomovska tried to encourage people to donate by saying that the money would serve to work against the police and the news show that reported on her.

“Any help you all can give against raptor and ACA and any other form of organisation that wants to leach of my back with made up lies,” she wrote.

But she never explained what the money would be used for other than fighting law enforcement and ACA.

News.com.au reported that Tomovska started the GoFundMe page to sustain her expensive lifestyle.

She is a social media personality that is known for living a luxurious lifestyle—wearing a Balmain dress worth $2,400 and Gucci sunglasses valued at $1,725 to her court trial last year, according to the Daily Mail.

The car she drove during the high-speed chase was reported to be a $260,000 car.

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There are many photos on her Instagram that show her around expensive cars, although it isn’t clear if she owns all of them.

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Other photos show her shopping at top-of-the line brands.

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