Mexican President Boycotts Americas Summit

The United States is losing ground in its backyard—Latin America—while China has been busy making major inroads there, through its checkbook. We look at how the dynamics have shifted, ahead of a meeting between President Joe Biden and other world leaders.

What would China do if it’s preparing for a war with Taiwan? A top Chinese economist is urging China to take over Taiwan’s TSMC—the world’s major advanced chip maker—to combat potential U.S. sanctions.

What if the World Health Organization gained the power to decide how to deal with pandemics and override all other nations involved? That’s what one proposal from the Biden administration could mean for the future. But what is the biggest concern?

Topics in this episode:

  1. China Advances in Latin America Through Trade
  2. Top Economist Urges China to Seize Chip-Maker TSMC
  3. Top China Economist Proposes Seizing TSMC
  4. Examining the W.H.O.’s Ties to China: Report
  5. Musk: China Facing ‘Population Collapse’
  6. Q&A: The Shrinking World, China’s Population Decline
  7. Victim’s Family Seeks Truth About Hospital Handling

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