Millionaire Saw Boy Doing Homework Under Street Lamp, Decides to Rebuild His Home

Millionaire Saw Boy Doing Homework Under Street Lamp, Decides to Rebuild His Home

Earnest and dedicated study really does result in good fortune, if a video that has recently gone viral is anything to go by.

The touching video, showing 11-year-old Victor Martin Angulo studying under a street lamp, found its way to 31-year-old philanthropist Yaqoob Yusuf Ahmed Mubarak, reported the Mirror.

Angulo didn’t have electricity at his home in Moche, Peru.

When Mubarak, a philanthropist from Bahrain, got to know of the boy’s situation, he decided to travel from his country to help the boy financially.

He made a commitment to rebuild the humble dwelling where Angulo lived, planning to make it a two-story house.

At the same time, in order to help them improve the quality of life and the boy’s conditions for study, he said he will set up a business for Angulo’s mother, reported Pitalito.

Mubarak said that he had a similar childhood and he had to fight hard to ameliorate his situation. Now, however, he is an owner of a chocolate factory in London.

Mubarak extended a helping hand to the now-most-well-known child of Moche, yet Angulo asked that help not be delivered only to him, but also to all his classmates.

Impressed by the goodness of the child, the multimillionaire businessman decided to help improve the study environment of the Peruvian school.

“I give thanks for the help that is being given to us, many thanks because it’s helping us build our school,” said Angulo, “… so that we can continue studying, thanks should be given to the young man who is helping us build our school, and that, for him, the doors of our school will always be open,” reported local news outlet Diario Correo.

Angulo’s mother, Rosa Cordoba Angulo, was very touched by all the help that was being offered to them.

“I give thanks to the people who want to do this,” she said. “I’m very thankful for them to have this kindness and that they have taken the time to come to my humble home, because this wouldn’t have been done just by an ordinary person.”

Diario Correo contacted Rosa Cordoba to get to know more in detail the promise of the Middle Eastern businessman.

As for the construction of the two-story house, Rosa Cordova said that Mubarak will not only build a dwelling for Angulo, but also for his sisters, so that they “can make turn their dreams into reality.”

Rosa Cordoba also mentioned that her son was greatly surprised about all that he was being offered. “He kept on thinking, how could people from another continent come to see me?”

“Mother, we have reached another continent, I’m happy,” said Angulo after realizing that Mubarak came to visit him. “At least I got to know them once in my lifetime.”

At the same time, Rosa Cordova told Correo that for Mubarak it was very challenging to go to Peru—he had to get through a lot of red tape. “They have been trying to reach my son for two months, they were dismayed due to the images they saw and wanted to help us,” she said.