Missing Florida Mom Who Disappeared With Daughter Dies After Medical Episode in Nebraska
USJack Phillips

A missing Florida mother was found dead in Nebraska after suffering a medical episode in a convenience store, police said.

Angela Jolley, 46, and Alexis Jolley, 19, decided to drive to Nebraska last month, officials told the Tampa Bay Times. The daughter informed a relative with the news about her mother’s death before the relative told the St. Petersburg Police Department.

The Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office and the Gretna Fire Department in Omaha, Nebraska, responded to a rescue call of a female that had fallen down at a Quik Trip gas station in the morning. When they arrived, they found the woman conscious and breathing, WFLA reported. When emergency officials were speaking to the woman, identified as Angela Jolley, she collapsed and was taken to a hospital. She was later pronounced dead at the facility.

Alexis Jolley said she was with her mother at the time and told the relative that she was safe, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Later, St. Petersburg police confirmed the woman’s death in a call with medical officials in Papillion, a suburb of Omaha.

The Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office in Nebraska is now investigating Angela Jolley’s death. Police spokesperson Lt. Chris Teuscher told the Tampa Bay Times that the case is non-criminal.

St. Petersburg officials said the case is now over.

“We will no longer be looking into this case,” Sgt. Kevin Haemmelmann told WFLA. “There is nothing criminally involved that either of these women have done. We spoke to Alexis this morning and they both, at their own free will, decided to go on a trip out west. And that’s where they were headed when this tragedy occurred.”

Their family issued a statement to news outlets after the death was confirmed.

“As a family, we are deeply saddened by the news of Angela’s passing,” said Alexis’s sister, Desiree Cook. “At the same time, we are relieved that Alexis is safe. We’d like to thank everyone for their search efforts and support of our family. All we ask for now is prayers as we navigate through this.”

It’s not clear if Alexis Jolley will return home or why the two left for Nebraska. The mother and daughter were reported missing after Angela Jolley didn’t show up for work late last month. Their cell phones were found inside their home, WFLA reported.

The two, according to the report, were later seen on surveillance camera footage driving to a bank and on highways in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Earlier in the week, officials pleaded with the two to make contact with them.

“We are not looking to bring you back, we are not looking to tell anybody where you are,” Detective Kevin Haemmelmann told the station. “What I need you to do if you are out there is to call me and tell me you are okay so we can stop searching.”