Little Gentleman Learns to Treat Women Respectfully by Being an Amazing Big Brother to His 3 Sisters

A proud mom of four is sharing how her little son is developing respect for women through his kind, caring relationship with his three little sisters.

Originally from Russia, Anna Brown, 37, is a single stay-at-home mom and content creator who moved to the United States in 2011. She has two sets of twins: Sebastian and Elizabeth, aged 5, and Vivienne and Francesca, aged 3.

The first time Anna noticed Sebastian being kind to his sisters was when he was a toddler.

“Sebastian gave his own milk bottle to Elizabeth when she was upset and this little gesture put a big smile on her face. I remember Sebastian was very happy about it,” Anna told The Epoch Times.

Sebastian’s caring instinct grew so strong that Anna started filming and posting his kind gestures on Instagram. From sharing his snacks and treats to helping his sisters get out of the car one by one to gifting them flowers on special days, Sebastian is already a little gentleman.

“I noticed Sebastian would always get out of the car first, just to give his sisters a hand and extra support,” Anna said. “He gets more joy when he gives presents to his sisters than when he actually receives anything for himself, and if Sebastian notices something unfair happen, he would certainly be there for his sisters to help. … I think the girls really appreciate his sweet gestures.”

The mom of four thinks her son’s behavior owes to both his nature and the nurturing he has received.

“[It comes] naturally to him,” she said. “But also seeing his parents and grandparents always take care of each other, I think, made a big impact on him. … we don’t have a specific philosophy in raising children other than teaching them to be compassionate, thoughtful of others, caring and loving, and of course, setting a personal example.”

Anna’s heart “bursts with joy” when she sees the special bond between Sebastian and his sisters. She said her girls love to take care of their brother in return, especially Elizabeth, Sebastian’s twin, with whom he shares the strongest bond of all.

“Elizabeth is very smart and kind, she is the leader of the girls’ gang,” Anna said. “Vivienne has the best sense of humor and always makes funny jokes. Francesca likes fashion and every day she picks out her own outfits.”

While the family’s Instagram page gets hundreds of thousands of hits and a lot of love, Anna occasionally receives comments speculating whether Sebastian’s protective behavior of his sisters takes away their independence. However, she insists it does not.

“I can assure [you] that when the girls want to do things on their own, they will,” Anna said. “Our 15-second videos may show only one side of the story, but, in fact, the girls are growing [into] very confident and independent young ladies. At the same time, they know that they can rely on Sebastian and he will always have their backs.”

Watch the video:

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From The Epoch Times