Mom Shoots ‘Intruder’ in the Arm: But it Was Her Own Daughter on a Surprise Visit

By Victor Westerkamp

An Ohio woman was alone at home when her daughter came on a surprise visit. The woman mistook her teenage daughter to be an intruder and shot her in the arm.

The 18-year-old daughter thought it would be a good idea to pay her mom a surprise visit. She returned home unannounced from college on Friday at 9 p.m. Aug. 30, together with her boyfriend, according to WKBN27.

When she found nobody in the living room, the daughter entered her mom’s bedroom. The mother, however, was not expecting anyone and thought the person entering her room was an intruder, 21 News reported.

Police told WKBN27, the mother did not hesitate, grabbing her gun and shot one round from her .38 special at the intruder. It was then she found out it was her daughter she had shot.

The boyfriend said he heard a single shot and his girlfriend screaming. He rushed in to offer help and then called 911.

21News obtained the following emergency call recording:

“My girlfriend just came home from college, and her mom didn’t know, like honestly—she accidentally shot her and we don’t know what to do.”
“She accidentally shot her?”
“Yes, I believe in the arm.”
“Okay, and how bad is she bleeding?”
“It’s pretty bad.”

When responders arrived at the house at the 200 block of Ohio Ave., they found the daughter walking down the driveway, “covered in blood,” with a towel wrapped around her right upper arm.

The 18-year-old was transported to the hospital for her treatment of the injury. Currently, she is at home, resting.

The gun was found in the bedroom, with one round used and four to go. It is uncertain whether a prosecutor will press charges against the mother, who was “clearly distraught,” Girard Police Chief John Norman said according to 21News.

“We will collect all the facts, and we will present it to a Prosecutor, not to be malicious. But we have to present the facts like we would in any other case.  At that point, the Prosecutor will make a decision whether we will go ahead and charge or not charge in this case,” Chief Norman said.

In April, another tragic accidental shooting happened in Atlanta.

A Georgia Girl Has Died After Her 4-Year-Old Brother Accidentally Shot Her

A 6-year-old Georgia girl died in April 2019 after her 4-year-old brother accidentally shot her in the head in a car outside their home, authorities said.

The girl, identified as Millie Drew Kelly on a GoFundMe site set up for the family, was shot Monday evening, April 8, at their subdivision about a 40-minute drive northwest of downtown Atlanta, the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office said.

The siblings were in a car in their driveway, preparing to go to the boy’s baseball game, when the vehicle failed to start. The mother exited to try to find out what was wrong with the car, authorities said.

The boy took a gun from the car’s console and accidentally fired it while his mother was outside, the bullet striking his sister in the head, the sheriff’s office said.

Emergency responders were called and took her to an Atlanta-area hospital. Two days later, detectives learned the girl had died, the sheriff’s office said.

The boy, who was not named, apparently grabbed it and discharged it by accident, officials told the newspaper.

“Our hearts break for this family, and we hope God puts his healing hands around them during this difficult time,” Sheriff Gary Gulledge said in a statement posted to Facebook on April 11.

The CNN Wire contributed to this article.