Mom Slammed Online After Forcing Partygoers to Give Build-A-Bears to Daughter

Paula Liu
By Paula Liu
April 21, 2019USshare
Mom Slammed Online After Forcing Partygoers to Give Build-A-Bears to Daughter
A picture of three teddy bears. (Pixnio/public domain)

A parent took to Reddit after a strange incident at a birthday party her child attended.

According to the post, the mother said the relatively normal birthday party turned sour after the birthday girl’s mother demanded that all the children’s animals made at the Build-A-Bear workshop be given to her daughter.

“The invitation said each kid would get to make a Bear, and I just assumed they would get to take [the bear] home, since that is what happened at another [Build-A-Bear] party I went to,” the mother wrote in the Reddit post. “Me and my husband even pitched in about 30 dollars as we know these things can get expensive.”

"The invitation said each kid…would get to make a Bear, and I just assumed they would get to take them home."Reddit…

Posted by Fox News on Saturday, April 20, 2019

She wrote that after arriving at the store, the kids all rushed to gather the supplies they wanted to make their animals at the workshop. No one said anything about any limit to the number of decorations the kids could choose, so the mother figured it might be safer to stick with the standard accessories.

The mother suggested her daughter get a standard dog plushie along with a shirt, and she noticed that about half the other parents also did the same thing.

However, she wrote that as everyone was about to leave the store, the mother of the birthday girl suddenly told every partygoer to give their Build-A-Bear toys to her daughter. What seemed to be a fun party suddenly turned disappointing, and the kids became unhappy and upset.

“They all disappointingly handed over their animals, and [the birthday girl] wasn’t even being nice about it either. Another little boy didn’t want to, and [the birthday girl] ripped it out of his hands. I probably should have said something, but I didn’t. The other parents seemed pretty baffled too.”

The mother said she left the party soon after that, and she even took her daughter back to Build-A-Bear to make another animal after she started crying in the car.

The user then posted an update after she had a talk with the birthday girl’s mother and another parent. The user asked the mother why all the children had to hand over their toys to the birthday girl.

The mother responded that she just wanted her daughter to have a bear designed by all of her friends and that she didn’t have enough money for each child to make their own bear and bring it home. She added that if the user wanted her money back that she pitched in, it would be fine, although she said, “I don’t really see the problem [of her daughter keeping all the toys] though.”

The user said that although she didn’t pursue the topic further, the response the birthday girl’s mother gave did not sit well with her.

“What bothers me is she said she ‘didn’t have enough money for all the kids to have one,’ but she did have enough for her daughter to get like 8 bears. Just doesn’t really make sense,” she said.

Comments and Reactions

Many users were quick to respond to the incident, saying how weird the whole situation was.

“Beyond strange. I would never in a million years think to have a party where the kids have to give away their item. So bizarre,” one user wrote.

Some other users cautioned this mother to avoid further parties with this birthday girl in case this incident repeats itself in another scenario.

“Better watch out if she invites to a future party at an indoor amusement park, you’ll have to surrender all your game tickets to Precious so she can get the best prizes for herself,” another user wrote.

More users commented how terrible it was for the birthday girl considering she was probably too young to understand the social norms behind it all.

“I think the person that this is worst for is the birthday girl. The other kids are going to hate her,” a comment read. “This will get around the school, and kids will not want to play with her and certainly not go to her parties. That poor kid.”

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