Moscow Ice Rink Opens Among City’s Landmarks

At the heart of the city of Moscow, people can once again enjoy ice-skating this holiday season.

Located next to the symbolic landmark of the city, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the world-famous Kremlin, the GUM-Skating Rink has brought joy and delight to skaters every year since 2005.

“It is excellent, why not skate after work? The weather is right, the ice is fine, all good,” said Aleksander Litvin, Moscow resident.

“My baby turned one year today, so we came to celebrate. It is the first time in a few years that we attend this ice rink, despite living here, it is our home ice rink,” said Viktoriya Romanova, another Moscow resident.

According to its website, the ice rink can accommodate up to 450 skaters at once.

The ice rink opens daily to visitors from Nov.30 to Feb.28 regardless of the temperature. The rink has a cooling system for the times the temperature rises above to zero.