Inspiring mother and son born without arms see themselves as no different than anyone else

“I’m just like the other kids. I’m just like them.”

Despite his physical disability, Timmy Bannon doesn’t see himself as different when compared to his peers.

Boy Born Without Arms

Timmy and his mom, Linda, both suffer from a condition called Holt-Oram syndrome. Holt-Oram syndrome is a genetic condition that affects the upper limbs and heart. Both were born without their arms, but that hasn’t stopped either of them from living their lives to the fullest.

The mother and son do everything that anyone without the disorder is capable of doing. They just modify some things and use their feet, a lot.

They are fully capable of brushing their own teeth.

Mother And Son Born Without Arms

Although Linda’s husband, Richard, says that there are some personal hygiene tasks that Linda and Timmy need assistance with.

Timmy attends school with his peers, who he says don’t treat him differently.

Boy Born Without Arms

The both of them also swim on a regular basis.

Mother And Son Born Without Arms

Linda, who is a kindergarten teacher, has also started to take a few courses on business. She says that one day she hopes to start a nonprofit organization to help families of children who are like Timmy and herself.

Like any caring mother, Linda wishes for two things for Timmy: he will learn to accept his body as he grows up, and he will find someone who loves him like her husband loves her and will help care for him when his parents are no longer around.