Mother’s Miraculous Save Goes Viral After Her Son Almost Fell From Office’s Fourth Floor

By Alan Cheung

A surveillance camera shows a mother catching her toddler son’s leg just after he fell through the railings on the fourth floor of an office block in Colombia.

The footage went viral on various social media sites.

The incident occurred in the building of a construction company in Medellin on June 19, according to El Espectador.

In the video, the mother can be seen exiting the elevator while holding her toddler’s hand.

As she was seemingly talking on her phone and waiting outside an office, the toddler walked off on his own towards the stair railings.

He crouched down near the railings and slowly tilted forward until he fell forward at full speed between the bars in the railings.

His mother dived forwards and caught his leg, potentially saving his life.

The toddler’s body had completely left the fourth floor at this point.

A man nearby quickly ran down the stairs to the floor below in an attempt to either catch him or push him back up.

People from the office urgently ran outside and helped the mother pull him back to safety, LadBible reported.

It is not known whether the people from the office were employees or clients.

Mixed Response From Social Media

The response from people on Twitter and YouTube ranged from compliments to criticisms.

Some users criticized building regulations.

“Building codes: review them,” said one YouTube user.

When one person on Twitter said that the mother deserved the mother of the year title, another user gave a rebuttal.

“Mom of the year wouldn’t [let] her toddler waddle around a flight of stairs. Title revoked.”

Some people had something to say about the mother’s priorities.

Another user claimed she was a mother of two.

David Flowers believed that only parents would understand what happened here.

AdamL noticed the way the mother handled the phone

Will compared this with the child who fell at Cincinnati Zoo resulting in the death of gorilla Harambe.