Movie ‘Origin Bound’ Premiers in Toronto: A Story of Hope and Rediscovery

“Origin Bound” is an independent movie by New Century Film. It was well received in its premiere in Toronto, will be screening in Taiwan from July 5th.

The story is heartwarming yet charming, bringing out simplicity within chaos, along with subtle dashes of romance. At the screenings in Toronto, many audience members said they were moved by the story.

Vyacheslav, the general manager of an art film organization based in Moscow commented: “This is the brightest and most touching movie I have seen in years. I was brought to tears a couple times.”

The main character, Howard Wang, is a movie star. He enjoys wealth, fame and the attention of fans across the world. However, after a sudden discovery and diagnosis of late-stage lymphoma, he is sent crashing back to reality. With his death approaching, he decides to fulfill his long-standing wish of seeing and experiencing the world. He blogs about his journey for his social media fans. With the ongoing countdown to the end, fate surprises Howard, giving him new perspectives on life, and the opportunity to reconcile with people from his past.

Origin bound movie screenshot
“Origin Bound” is an independent movie by New Century Film. (Courtesy of New Century Film)

Mr. Ye Hao, a former senior police official in China, said that the film re-tells a wonderful story and showcases excellent filmmaking—and that the true events are represented in a life-like way; they are detailed, streamlined, and touching. Hao said the movie imparts inspiration about the meaning of life, and shows that salvation of the soul is more critical than physical health.

Audience members also indicated their appreciation of the cinematography. Mr. Shang, a former senior cinematographer at Zhujiang Film of China praised the visual elements: “It’s fast-paced and suitable for modern audiences. The directing style was very mature and skilled. The actors and actresses were very successful.”

Coco, an image consultant of the French fashion industry said: “The color is very beautiful. From an aesthetic point of view, it is impeccable. The film has both humanistic ideas and romantic colors … very soft, peaceful and very warm; it is comfortable and relaxing.”

Jessica Li, a real estate agent said in an interview with NTD: “This is my second time watching it. It left me in awe. It’s both real and touching. I admire the spiritual message of the film: Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance.”

On Ryan Jiang’s Life: The Inspiration Behind the Film

In an interview with The Epoch Times, Ryan Jiang recalled his past. “Everyone may face a Rubicon river in their lives, representing the choice people must make in the face of virtue or vice. Crossing the river is not from fame or fortune, but to defend the dignity of human nature and the freedom of talent.”

Ryan Jiang is a Chinese actor. He debuted in the 1990s and is active in film and television groups in China. In 1998, he appeared in the popular drama “YongZheng Dynasty,” as one of three princes. His acting career took off from there.

The actor says Howard Wang’s story is almost a replica of his own life. After July 20, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party’s launched a persecution directed at followers of a spiritual path known as Falun Dafa. At that time, Jiang was faced with a choice: his faith or his acting career.

If he were to denounce his faith at that time, as an established actor on the “right side” of the communist regime, he could gain more wealth and fame in Mainland China. In that scenario, he would face little struggle to secure a successful career and set himself up for a stable family life. Whereas adherence to his faith equated to the death of the career he loved, being alienated by his friends, separated from his family, and even more severe—unthinkable—situations to follow.

“In those days, every minute was suffering, and it is very painful. However, I must make a choice. There is no third way to go. It was almost a life and death choice,” Jiang said during the interview.

Jiang had been practicing Falun Dafa for eight months at the time the communist regime’s persecution began. Although not incredibly long, he had already felt that his health, attitude towards life and perception of life were completely different.

He feels deeply that a person who has faith has a guiding light in life. No matter what kind of difficulties he encounters, his heart is always determined and at peace because he knows he is going in the right direction.

After a painful and difficult period of reflection, Jiang finally crossed the Rubicon in his life. He said that “in the process of pursuing ideals and beliefs, there must be tradeoffs. There are gains and losses. When you weigh it, you realize that you get something that is precious. Then, you are no longer so reluctant to lose.”