Musk: Tesla Wishes to Expand Business in China

Tesla CEO Elon Musk met with China’s foreign ministry Qin Gang in China on Tuesday.

China is Tesla’s second-largest market after the United States and its Shanghai plant is the electric car maker’s largest production hub.

Musk’s visit comes as the electric carmaker grapples with multiple issues. That includes heating competition with Chinese automakers.

China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang said his country aims to create a better environment for companies like Tesla. While Musk notes that China and U.S. interests are deeply intertwined inseparable like conjoined twins, adding Tesla is against decoupling and would like to expand its businesses in China.

That’s according to a readout from China’s foreign ministry.

Beijing’s welcome of Musk spells a contrast with other foreign companies. Recently its clampdown on Western consulting firms are sending a chill in the American businesses operating in China. China recently raided two American firms, Capvision and Mintz. Another U.S. consulting giant—Bain and Company—said Chinese police questioned staff at its Shanghai office.