‘My Little Pony’ Casket Donated to Maleah Davis Ahead of Funeral

By Paula Liu

Maleah Davis, whose body was found in May after a month-long search, will finally be put to rest in a special casket fit for a 4-year-old child, according to multiple reports.

Ahead of her private funeral on June 22, Texas-based SoulShine Industries donated a casket built specifically for Maleah and decorated with a “My Little Pony” theme, CBS News reported.

The decorated casket featured an image of Maleah riding the cartoon character of Rainbow Dash through the clouds, along with a rainbow in the back. Maleah’s name is also placed on the side of the casket, joined with various other “My Little Pony” characters and cute cartoon motifs.

According to her obituary on the Richardson Mortuary website, the little girl loved pink, “My Little Pony,” and everything else that a four-year-old girl could love. It went to further say that she loved spending time with her brothers—she was the middle child of her mother and father, Brittany Bowens and Craig Davis Jr.

Her biological father, Davis Jr., shared his daughter’s decorated casket on social media, along with several red heart emojis.

“She touched the lives of many; our shining, beautiful little girl, the light of our lives and the star of our hearts who leaves us smiling through our tears. She was happiness personified,” the obituary read.

“With her huge smile, loving spirit and infectious personality, Maleah would instantly capture the hearts of those who knew her. Maleah’s soul was nurturing and opened the door for making new friends easily. Her love for music was undeniable. Maleah would often sing catchy lyrics of songs like Baby Shark while twirling around in her pink tutu. Singing brought Maleah joy and she was known to be in her happy place moving to music,” her obituary continued.

According to ABC 13, Maleah Davis was revealed to be a child with special needs, as she had a loose piece of skull inside her head. She also had multiple brain surgeries and needed constant care, the news outlet reported. Despite her diagnosis, she managed to spread joy everywhere.

“Maleah spread love and laughter wherever she went,” her obituary read. “She has left a profound message of love on this world that will never be forgotten.”

In addition to publishing her obituary, ABC 13 reported Richardson Mortuary was collecting teddy bears and other toys. The apartment complex where Maleah and her family lived put up a display to inform people that they were free to send in toys and other things. Since her funeral service would be a private one, people were welcome to send messages with their condolences through the mortuary’s website.

The owner of SoulShine Industries, Trey Ganem, told CNN that the casket would the most important part of a memory of someone, and he felt that the casket for Maleah Davis should be very special and very personal to her, according to CNN. He also told the news outlet that prior to making the casket, he was swarmed with calls asking him and his company to make a special casket for the 4-year-old.

“It was such a blessing to provide something special for this loving family,” Ganem told CNN.

The designer for the casket, Courtney Sublett, said that she worked with Maleah Davis’s family and asked them what the 4-year-old liked, and she immediately knew she would create the casket featuring the character and elements of the show “My Little Pony.”

“It’s such a tragic thing,” Sublett told CNN. “I’m glad we could bring a little light to her story.”